Craig Richardson MCFBA / MBIPDT

Certified Dog Behaviourist, Trainer and Expert Witness


I have been training dogs professionally since 2003, developing my skills from basic pet-dog training instructions and methodology to more advanced dog-behaviour rehabilitation techniques, behaviour-aptitude assessments for the legal and public sector and canine anatomy and physiology.

My main objective is to deliver an excellent service to all clients by providing professionalism combined with a forward-thinking mind-set to accomplish the goals set out in front of me.

I have a vast experience dealing with all matters relating to dog training, including:

  • Dog training: Everyday control, advanced obedience, agility and bespoke training
  • General purpose security dog and handler training
  • Drugs detection dog and handler training
  • Scent Discrimination Dog and Handler Training
  • Dog behaviour: Canine social indifferences, canine aggression, human aggression, dominant behaviour, triggers, personal space awareness, genetic pre-disposition, learnt behaviour and owner development in conjunction with canine behaviour and rehabilitation.

My specific interest in dog behaviour is in analysing the differences in a dog’s social responses influenced by their breed, environment and personality proneness, with a keen focus on consistencies associated with various breeds of dog and owner methodology.

My opinions vary from dog to dog and owner to owner. However, I find that most, if not all social indifferences displayed by dogs are brought on by a combination of the aforementioned factors. It is only with a true understanding of a dog’s circumstances that you can overcome a behavioural issue and improve or understand their social responses.

I provide services to a variety of clients from different backgrounds and fields including pet owners, solicitors, working dog handlers, safety officers, company directors and charities.

My work has taken me all over the world, enabling me to gain valuable experience dealing with people from all walks of life.

In additional I am constantly improving my knowledge and understanding of dogs, by attending regular professional development courses, seminars and training days I am able to maintain and develop my knowledge and professional abilities